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Mobile App Development

With our mobile app development services, we will get you onboard with the developers with extensive experience in developing innovative and cross-platform functional mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Our team’s expertise in mobile
app development will assist you in having engaging and seamless experiences on any device, making
the most of mobile technology, and providing the best experience to your customers.

Why Partner With Us

We don’t just create websites – we create brand value. With a team of expert UI/UX designers who work with the latest design trends, we ensure that your brand identity shines through on all your digital channels. We currently have 60+ developers available, with half of them being senior developers and the rest being web architects with 7-10 years of experience.

We will assign dedicated project managers with more than 5-7 years of mobile app development experience to our clients. Certified scrum masters ensure on-time and on-budget delivery, while QA engineers ensure compliance with quality and security standards. Tracking progress and quality control to ensure stakeholder satisfaction and the project will begin immediately, within 1-2 weeks.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Since our inception, we have prioritized customer satisfaction over all else. We will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations.

15+ Years of Experience

We have completed over 1000 projects, and our in-house developers can handle the most complex projects.

Developers of your choice

We have mobile application developers with more than 10+ years and you can choose developers of your choice among these experts.

Confidentiality Assured

An NDA protects the confidentiality of your project and legally prevents us from disclosing any information.

Type of Solutions Developed

Raheem Solutions offers a variety of mobile app development services. Our skilled developers can help you with the following:

Mobile Consulting Solutions

Our 50+ consultants assist in the finalization of the app concept, advice on platform and device compatibility, and cost estimation.

Mobile UI/UX & Design

Conversion, engagement, and easy adoption are ensured through slick, intuitive interfaces.

Mobile App Development

Our developers create and deploy error-free products at a rapid pace using a wide range of mobile development technologies, resulting in well-documented and well designed mobile applications

Back-end Development

Back ends for mobile applications are designed to be robust and secure so that data sync and transfer run smoothly and quickly.

Application Integration

Our developers can create a web app, web portal, online store, or SaaS products for you in addition to mobile apps.


Our team will build an MVP quickly, validate your concept in the real world, and optimize your investment before expanding your business to the world of mobile devices.

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Looking for an experienced mobile app development firm? We can assist you. Your development process will be streamlined by dedicated developers. Our in-house developers are ready to take your mobile app to the next level.

Fixed-Price Model

A fixed project cost is associated with the Fixed Price Model. It’s best suited for use when you have well-defined project requirements for the solution or application you want to create.

Time & Material Model

This engagement arrangement, also known as the T&M Model, is preferred when the scope of work associated with a project isn’t fully defined and will be constantly evolving.

Offshore Dev Team

We provide a set of resources with pre-identified and relevant skill sets. The client has complete access to and control over work allocation, status tracking, and reporting, as well as making changes on short notice.

Staff Augmentation

We supplement our in-house team with resources supplied by a vendor company. It enables flexibility in scaling up teams based on seasonal demand and helps to reduce costs associated with full-time employee hiring.

Let's Connect

Major Technologies & Methodologies

Each of these tech stacks is handpicked by our team to drive effective results.


We have a diverse group of developers. From juniors to seniors, with 1 to 6 years of experience.
Your mobile application will be maintained for free for 30 days.
We will conduct a discovery call with you to learn about your needs and advise you on the best development strategy.
In the long run, a cross-platform app will be more beneficial than a native app. For more information, please contact us.
Yes, our dedicated app developers will make certain that your app follows the guidelines. Furthermore, our quality assurance team will assess the designs viability.